11 Smart Ways to Save Money on Travel

eat smart


8) Eating Smart

Most lists of this ilk will advise you to save money by not eating out as much on your trip, buying groceries, and eating in your apartment or hotel room. One of the most joyous things about foreign travel, though, is the opportunity to eat food from different cultures, try things you’ve never eaten before and indulge in long, boozy feasts.

So, you don’t have to sit in your hotel room with a cheese sandwich, but to eat smart instead. Keep costs down during the day by always taking advantage of the hotel breakfast, if it’s included. Always follow the six-block rule and avoid eating within six blocks of a major tourist site. For lunch, pick up some bread, ham and fruit at a local market and have a picnic, or follow the students from the local university for a cheap bowl of noodles.

Most cities are teeming with food bloggers who love to share their favorite places for good quality, affordable food. Eating smart is about finding the places locals go for cheap eats — not denying yourself the joy of good food.


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