11 Smart Ways to Save Money on Travel

smartphone unlocked


7) Get Your Smartphone Unlocked

Think of all the money you waste on sky-high roaming charges after foolishly using them abroad. Luckily, certain network providers offer their customers a special ‘holiday package’ that offers a bundle of data and texts that can be used in other countries for a nominal fee.

If you’re on a short trip, consider only using your smartphone when connected to WiFi. Most hotels and cafes, all over the world, have some form of Wi-Fi you can connect to for free in order to contact people using social media or message apps like Whatsapp or Viber.

If you absolutely must make phone calls, send texts, or use mobile data when you’re out of free Wi-Fi zones — then make sure you get your smartphone unlocked before you go away and buy a sim card as soon as you arrive at your destination. You’ll have a different, temporary number but you’ll only pay local rates that are a fraction of what you’d pay through your home provider.


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