11 Smart Ways to Save Money on Travel

set up account


3) Set Up Accounts with Major Booking and Review Sites

Most airlines, hotel booking sites, and travel agencies reward repeat customers. When you buy flights or book a hotel online it’s tempting to skip the step that asks you to sign up for an account rather than go straight to the payment page. However, the only way the airline or booking company can really keep track of what a great, reliable customer you are is if you create an account with them.

Air Asia, for example, has account status where you can be categorized as a ‘bigshot’ and booking.com, where you are considered a ‘genius’. What this status means is that you get special access to the best deals and other perks. For example, booking.com ‘geniuses’ often get free early check-in. Many car rental services also offer discounts to loyal customers who use their services time and time again.

Another benefit to having accounts with hotel booking sites, in particular, is that you can leave reviews on the places you’ve stayed which gives you a certain level of authority that will come in handy if anything about your stay is ever unsatisfactory.


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