11 Scariest Ghost Tours in the U.S.

Konoplytska /

8) New Orleans, Louisiana

With a long history of tragedy and recovery, New Orleans is definitely one of the most haunted cities in America. Walking through the French Quarter (any time of year but Mardi Gras) evokes the sensation you’re being watched, and not by the locals. Belief in the afterlife, spirits and voodoo saturate New Orleans giving paranormal and supernatural enthusiasts a rich choice of where to find the ghostly encounter they’re looking for. New Orleans world famous cemeteries are also available to explore on guided tours, which are the only way to see them, as they have been closed to the public for quite some time. The world-famous Bone Lady of New Orleans is the top pick to give you the supernatural tour of a lifetime. Bring your camera for some spectral photography and, skeptics, you won’t be the same by the end of the tour.