11 Scariest Ghost Tours in the U.S.

11) Chicago, Illinois

Al Capone, contract killers, speakeasy’s, and rum runners bringing alcohol into Chicago in record amounts. That era alone is enough to fill this great city with unsettled spirits seeking justice and retribution for their untimely demise. The Chicago Hauntings Tour will take you through the history of some of Chicago’s most tragic events. These include the Eastland disaster and the Iroquois Theater Fire, the bloody Fort Dearborn and St. Valentine’s Day Massacres. Also included is the death site of Chicago’s most famous ghost, “Resurrection Mary,” at the site of the original City Cemetery. You’ll see the cursed and deadly Hancock Building. The infamous Hull House is also on the tour. It was the inspiration for “Rosemary’s Baby.” The tour is hosted by author and 30-year veteran paranormal researcher Ursula Bielski. She and her staff of expert historians and paranormal investigators. They’ve been thrilling visitors for over fifteen years.