11 Scariest Ghost Tours in the U.S.

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5) Estes Park, Colorado – The Stanley Hotel Ghosts and History Tour

Come on! It’s the Stanley Hotel! The one renowned horror author Stephen King based his novel The Shining on and where the original movie of the same name was filmed. If that’s not enough to tantalize your ghostly cravings, look into the infamous Room 217. Originally opened in 1909, the Stanley was one of the first hotels with electricity. One night during a power outage the staff was charged with lighting the gas lamps until power was restored. There was an unknown gas leak when chambermaid Elizabeth Wilson entered Room 217 with a lit candle. She survived the massive explosion and worked there until her death in the 1950’s. But she never left the hotel and likes to frequent Room 217 when there are guests there. The nightly tour takes you through some dark spaces where active phenomena has been known to occur. Photography is greatly encouraged.