11 Countries with The World’s Most Beautiful Women

8) Netherlands

Here’s a country which seems to be a breeding-ground for the world’s super-models. You’ll see them on the runways of Fashion Week and on the covers of top magazines. Tall, thin, and blond describes the typical look of these statuesque beauties. They average 5’10” tall with a defined facial bone structure that certainly makes them stand out in a crowd. Coming from a very open-minded and liberal culture, Dutch girls are neither conservative, nor shy. Confidence is another quality you’ll find among them. Lovely, attractive, and gorgeous are some of the qualities that describe their looks. Fierce, independent, and intelligent, many have made their mark on the world in a variety of fields. Painters, artists, scientists, writers, and even military leaders and revolutionaries, can historically be found among these strong Amazonian goddesses.

Beauty in the Netherlands isn’t just reserved for its women, however. The Netherlands is famous the world over for its magnificent tulip fields, charming windmills, and flat landscape with numerous cycling routes. Its breathtaking landscape and beautiful women have been depicted in paintings by such notable greats as Rembrandt and Vermeer. An inexpensive meal, such as lunch, will run about $18 per person. A decent three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant will run you around $74 for two people. If you find a special friend to cook at home or go on a picnic with, however, groceries run about 12% lower than in the U.S. Bring along a couple of pints of domestic beer for under $5 each. Real estate rentals are also lower, averaging about 6% less than in the states.