11 Countries with The World’s Most Beautiful Women

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3) Brazil

Known for its unique geography and scenic landscape, grace and beauty describes both the country and the women of Brazil. Cultured in history, tradition and social skills, many world-famous beauties originate from here. You’ll see many of them dotting the runways of any fashion week or a Victoria’s Secret runway show. Gisele Bundchen is the most famous among them. Earning more than $25 million a year for her stunning looks, she’s the highest paid model in the industry. With a very exotic appearance, and long legs, she’s a star on the world stage of super-models. She’s also the forerunner who paved the way for other Brazilian beauties to succeed in the industry. Alessandra Ambrosio, hailing from the southern Brazil state of Rio Grande, is a perfect example, having covered the runways as well as top fashion magazine covers.

The vastness of Brazil offers many opportunities for various landscapes – from mountain vistas to miles of sandy shorelines and vineyards. Rio de Janeiro is the popular hot spot known for its festive Carnaval, featuring parades full of floats and flamboyant costumes, all set to dance and samaba music. A nice meal in a fancy restaurant will run you approximately one-third less than in the U.S. An apartment rental in the city center will cost about half of that in a major U.S. city. Personal financial fortunes have soared in Brazil in recent years, with 50% of the population being lifted to Middle Class as a result. Brazilians are known to be extroverts with very vivacious personalities. If you like a celebratory atmosphere full of lively people, set in an outdoor lifestyle with parties and sidewalk cafés, Brazil may be the perfect travel destination for you!