11 Countries with The World’s Most Beautiful Women

7) Argentina

The women of Argentina are naturally model-like in looks. They consider themselves European in heritage, but Latin American by birth. As a result, there is a variety of beautiful looks among these women. Like America, Argentina is a nation formed by immigrants. The origins of the beauty here stem from countries like Germany – where the combination creates sexy blue-eyed blondes with olive skin. Spanish-Argentine as well as Italian-Argentine are other common combinations of genetics here. No one is pure Argentine – or at least they don’t consider themselves to be so. Argentine girls are naturally thinner than other Latin-American girls. Their Mediterranean heritage and diet keeps them sleek and in shape. Argentine women also have a keen fashion sense – just like Italians. They dress to look sharp, but not in a social-status showing off way. They’ve also been among the winners in many top beauty pageants.

Massive in size, Argentina’s terrain includes the Andes mountains, glacial lakes, and famed cattle farms due to its massive grasslands. It’s also famous for the tango dance and music. The large cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires is known for its party atmosphere and night life. It’s a top tourist destination on many travel itinerary’s. The cost of living here is almost half of what it is in New York, for example. If you’re planing to travel here, an average meal will cost about $10-$15 per person. Hotels range from budget to upscale. A five-star hotel room will run about $200  per night. Real estate rentals will be nearly 70% cheaper than the average U.S. cost. Your dollar will go a long way here with consumer prices being nearly 40% cheaper overall.