11 Best Places to Live in New England

4) Montpelier, Vermont

The state capital, Montpelier, emits a different vibe than the other cities on this list. First of all, it’s the biggest producer of maple syrup in the country. However, it’s the only capital city that doesn’t have a McDonald’s. This should give you a good idea of the sort of things Montpelier residents value. Camel’s Hump and Hubbard Park, with its 100-year-old plus observation tower, are two outdoor areas beloved by residents. It’s easy to find mountains, hiking trails, and (depending on the season) cross-country skiing trails around the city. Residents love theatrical performances at The Lost Nation Theater. This 25-year old establishment has dedicated itself to solely producing uplifting and positive performances, earning it regional and national recognition. The Capital City Farmers Market, calling Montpelier home for over 100 years, is a local favorite. It bustles with artisan crafts and products, fresh produce, and home-made maple sugar goodies.