11 Best Places to Live in New England

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11) Burlington, Vermont

Located on Lake Champlain and situated between the Adirondacks and Green Mountains, Burlington gets a lot of likes from outdoorsy people. As the largest city in Vermont, there’s a range of activities to keep every resident satisfied. Downtown is walk-and-bike-friendly with several streets closed off completely to vehicles. The Church Street Marketplace is a super example of Burlington’s diversity. You’ll find street entertainment, music, and lots of shops and restaurants surrounded by historic buildings. The treasured waterfront is a prime spot for picnicking, biking, and watching the sunset. Foodies love living Burlington because of the strong farm-to-table traditions. The popular Edible History Tour teaches all about this city’s love of food. What’s a great meal worth if you haven’t got a fine-crafted beer to wash it down? Burlington has several nearby breweries offering behind the scenes tours with the chance to taste over a dozen different brews.