11 Best Island Vacation Getaways in the US

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When the time for vacation rolls around, why not consider staying inside the U.S.? Some people have think they need to go abroad or to the Caribbean to enjoy an island getaway, but that’s not necessarily true. The U.S. is a huge country with a broad range of potential island vacation destinations to offer. Whether you’re into sunbathing on a tropical beach, cruising around New England’s rugged east coast, or heading down south for an untouched piece of paradise, the U.S. has got it all. From east to west, north to south, there’s no shortage of beautiful islands. We rounded up the 11 best island vacation getaways in the US.

1) Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Think of the cold New England winters and it’s hard to picture a relaxing getaway in the region. Summer is a completely different story though. The warm weather opens endless opportunities for island exploration. Martha’s Vineyard is a popular summer destination for Bostonians and residents in the surrounding areas. However, we suggest checking out Nantucket Island, which is a quieter, more laid-back version of The Vineyard. Thirty miles south of Cape Cod, the old-fashioned cobble stone streets and quaint colonial style houses give off warm and welcoming vibes. Even though Nantucket is considered a posh summer holiday locale, the wind-swept sand dunes and rugged beaches are perfect places to enjoy the simpler things in life. Swimming and surfing are common activities. There’s also a boutique shopping area downtown. You don’t even need a car on this island. Biking is a perfectly acceptable way to get around.