11 Best Budget Vacations to Take in the US

Vacations don’t always have to strain the budget. Even big-name locations can be done affordably, if done right. Certain places are better at specific times of the year, and should be avoided at other times, for reasons including, but not limited to the best budget. The 11 locations we selected span from east cost to west coast and offer a diverse selection of options for every type of traveler. Whether you prefer the culture of the cities, the wonder of nature, or the historical marvels, you’ll find it affordably on our best budget vacation options that are easy on the wallet.

1) New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans can be affordable, if you avoid popular annual events like Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest. Spring is peak tourist time. Summer can be quite hot, and is considered off-season, which is a much more affordable time to go. June is a great month to take advantage of the savings right after peak season ends, and before the weather get too oppressive. Even locals would advise visitors to avoid the steamy month of August! One way to save money at any time of the year is to book a hotel outside of the popular French Quarter. There are other hotels within walking distance, and some of the ones further away offer complimentary shuttle services. If your entertainment budget is tight, you’ll love the street performers as well as people watching. Skip pricey restaurants. Opt for Cafe Du Monde, or Central Grocery – home of the original Muffuletta sandwich.