9 Reasons a Boat is Better & Cheaper than a Hotel

Boats docked on the water with beautiful rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens are available in major cities and vacation destinations at cheap rates on sites like or There’s nothing better than opening your curtains in the morning and seeing the vast ocean, a stunning beach, or a beautiful cove or harbor in front of you. If you want to become one with the sea and get an amazing water view as well, try renting a boat for your next vacation. Here are nine reasons why renting a boat is a wonderful alternative to staying in a hotel.

1) Waterfront Location Without the Hefty Price

Waterfront hotels are often more expensive than inland ones. By renting a boat, you’ll be able to get the amazing views a waterfront hotel provides without having to pay a waterfront price. For example, a waterfront hotel room in Miami’s South Beach costs around $200 to $300 per room. For about $200, you can rent a highly-rated private yacht on AirBnB with multiple bedrooms that accommodates five people! You can also get a one-bedroom houseboat for just $100. A boat makes a waterfront location amazingly affordable. It also makes waterfront living much more comfortable. You’ll have your own home on the water all for less than the price of one small hotel room in South Beach. A boat always gives you an exquisite view without the price tag of a waterfront hotel room.