10 Worst Neighborhoods in California

san bernardino

4) San Bernardino

San Bernardino is more notably known for a recent terrorist attack at a company party leaving numerous people injured, and dead. However, even before the attack, San Bernardino was on this list.

The city is ranked as safer than only four percent of other U.S. cities. That is not a good place to start when it comes to pleading your case about living in a nice, quiet town. However, like most of the cities on the list there are the good areas, which are really good. Then there are the bad areas, which are really bad.

While San Bernardino recently announced revitalization efforts in its more notably dangerous areas, the city still carries with it not just a stigma of crime, but also the reality seen every day.

Ranking scarily high in murder, rape, robbery and other violent crime — San Bernardino has only slightly fewer crimes per square mile at 211, which is over six times as high as the rest of the country, and 2.5 times higher than the rest of California.