11 Travel Discounts for Seniors

tuesdayAs per recent studies, people who are over the age of 50 account for almost 80 percent of total leisure travel spending. They travel more often, go farther and stay longer than individuals in any other age group. This is the reason why there are so many discounts offered by the travel industry for seniors. These companies know who spends their money, and are willing to offer enticements for that share of the market. At these places, seniors will discover 11 discounts they can take advantage of to help make their travel experience more affordable and enjoyable.

1) Purchase Airline Tickets on Tuesday

This may sound a bit odd. After all, why would Tuesday prices be any different than the rest of the week? The fact is, however, Tuesday is when the majority of airline special pricing has been determined and applied. There are some seats that may even be discounted by between 15 and 25 percent – with some discounts being even more. The discounts are usually determined late on Monday night and can be accessed by Tuesday online. If planning to travel, try to plan and purchase tickets during this period of time, since it can result in significant discounts for the senior.