10 Best Vacations for Thrill Seekers

Some vacations are meant for relaxing but others are for getting the adrenaline pumping. Not everyone is content to lounge by the pool or wander leisurely through the sites. Some vacations are meant to be spent jumping out of helicopters, flying through the trees on a wire, or trekking through treacherous terrain, or in other words, be a thrilling adventure.

1) Thailand

Thailand is an exotic and inexpensive destination, with a full range of backpacker to luxury options. It’s also a paradise for adventure seekers. The islands are ideal for watersports such as snorkeling, whale shark spotting and kayaking. Some islands are easily accessible by air and bridge, such as Phuket, while others are more remote and can only be reached by boat, like Koh Phayam. If you head north to Chiang Mai, you can join a hill tribe trek and spend the night in villages only accessible by foot. Different legs of the journey may take place on foot, on the back of an elephant or by a bamboo raft pieced together right before your eyes. Last, but not least, for those who don’t find standard rock climbing to be enough of a thrill, there is waterfall abseiling — climbing down a rock face in rushing water.