9 Hidden Locations in Illinois

If you like to be the first to discover something new and interesting, you may be curious to know about some of these hidden places that your friends more than likely have never seen. If you find yourself to be a curious person in search of the unusual, you may want to add these hidden locations to your itinerary when you are in Illinois. Keep your eyes open for these interesting, off-the-beaten path places to visit. You may be the first of your friends to explore these unusual and lesser known places, and take home the bragging rights of first discovery!

1) Cave-In-Rock

This hidden spot is located in Southern Illinois at Cave-In Rock State Park. The entrance to the cave is a 55-foot hole. It offers a view of the Ohio River below. Once inside the cave you’ll be able to trek through over 150 feet of space along a 60 foot bluff. Even though the cave holds a sordid history of housing outlaws fleeing from law officials, it still retains its beautiful appeal.

The state of Illinois acquired the area where Cave-In-Rock sits, way back in 1929. The area consists of 204 acres. Just above the cave, visitors can enjoy a picnic or just take in the views over the Ohio River.