9 Secret Locations in Virginia

virginia creeper trail

8) Virginia Creeper Trail

This is a must for those people who enjoy biking or hiking. This is a 35-mile trail that will take you through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, from Abington, then Damascus, and finally to Whitetop, close to the state line between Virginia and North Carolina. The trail is regarded as one of the best “rail-trails” in the United States, and historically, has been used as a footpath through the mountains since the time of the First Nations. Most of the trail is unpaved, so be prepared for some rocky bits. The trails vary from easy to moderately difficult, but many reviewers say the trail rides are not overly tiring for either young children or the elderly. You will have to cross through private property at times, so you will also have to open and close gates at various points on your journey. There are bicycle rental and shuttle services, and there is limited wheelchair access.