9 Reasons a Boat is Better & Cheaper than a Hotel

9) Options in Wonderful Locations

Do you dream of vacationing on a gorgeous Caribbean Island, in the bustling heart of South Beach, or on a lovely and calm lake? There are plenty of boat rental options in all of these wonderful locations. If you’re looking to rent a boat on the Florida coast, check out SleepAFloat Boat and Houseboat Rentals. Or, if you’re heading to the Caribbean, take a look through VRBO’s houseboat options. For a variety of boat choices, head over to AirBnB where you’ll find many great choices for the Caribbean and Florida. You’ll also see plenty of lakefront houseboat options, including on popular Lake Powell. With sites like AirBnB and VRBO, it’s easier than ever to rent a beautiful houseboat. No matter where you’re going on your waterfront vacation, there’s sure to be an amazing houseboat waiting for you.