9 Reasons a Boat is Better & Cheaper than a Hotel

2) Enough Space for Family And/Or Friends

If you’re planning a family beach vacation or want to travel with a group of great friends, a houseboat is just what you need. Instead of having to crowd into one cramped hotel room, you’ll be able to spread out on a two or three bedroom houseboat. Your kids will love getting to have their own rooms to relax in at the end of the day. They’ll also enjoy getting to run around and play on the deck. When your kids are hungry or your buddy has the munchies, they can duck into the kitchen and grab a quick treat. When they get bored, you’ll have easy access to the local beaches where they can swim or play in the sand. A houseboat is the perfect spot for a great beach vacation with the whole family. Your kids will create amazing memories aboard your own boat.