9 Reasons a Boat is Better & Cheaper than a Hotel

3) A Docked Boat Is Just Like Hotel Room But Better

Keep the boat docked and it’s just like a waterfront hotel room or take the boat out on the water and your “hotel room” is fully mobile! When you rent a boat, you’ll have the ultimate freedom to go wherever you want on your vacation. You won’t have to worry about chartering a boat or signing up for a tour. Instead, you’ll be able to go out on your own boat. Plus, some boat rentals include a captain at no additional cost who can take you to any spot you request. You can go on spontaneous day trips to nearby islands, and you can create your own itinerary that features the sights you most want to visit. Or, you can ask the captain to show you some of their favorite local spots. You don’t have to always be on-the-go, though. If you would like, you can simply stay in the marina for a few days and enjoy the waterfront view and amenities near your boat. Renting a boat opens up a world of possibilities for your vacation.