9 Most Adrenaline Rushing Vacations!

8) Paraglide over Maui

What better slice of paradise mixed with adrenaline could there be then flying over Maui without an engine roaring in your ears. If you are trying paragliding for the first time, tandem instruction is the way to go. There’s no experience needed when you fly with a certified instructor. Even though this experience is virtually worry free, there’ll be no shortage of adrenaline rushing through your veins. There are several spots to launch from, depending on your level of daring. You can be driven to each spot, giving you less time on your feet and more time in the air. There is also training available for solo flights, with great year-round flying weather. So, go ahead and book your Paraglide Maui flight with your next Hawaiian vacation. It’s something you certainly won’t soon forget!