9 Most Adrenaline Rushing Vacations!

4) Operation Zombie Apocalypse, Las Vegas

Walking Dead fans out there, if you haven’t heard of this one, then all your dreams and nightmares are about to come true! You will be trained by real elite military combat veterans and set in a realistic, end of the world, zombie combat scenario. The ultimate virtual reality game where you are led through the most challenging combat missions, complete with special effects to add to the experience. It’s certainly more than any surround sound system attached to your game console could provide. You will run through a 90-minute gauntlet of survival, doing everything from gathering intelligence to calling in an air strike, all while battling zombies and terrorists. You’ll certainly be wowed with their $200k worth of special effects and thrilled by the life-like realistic game setting. Packages start around $129. Make sure to book in advance!