9 Hidden Locations in Arizona

canyon diablo

There are hundreds of attractions in Arizona, in various locations, from the gorgeous desert nature to the vibrant cities. Finding places a little less well known can be tricky. If you know where to look, however, you may be amazed at some of these sights. From the spectacle of nature to bizarre historic stops, these are not your average tourist traps. You probably won’t find these in travel guidebooks either. Some are spooky. Others are just awesome sights to behold. Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to find something extraordinary among our list of 9 hidden locations in Arizona.

1) Canyon Diablo

This ghost town harks back to the Wild West, and though not as infamous, it was reputedly wilder than Tombstone. Originally a railroad town, it was built when the bridge crossing the Canyon Diablo was taking longer than anticipated to construct. The bridge ended up taking ten years (1880-1890) to be finished, and in this time the town thrived as a hub of illegal activity. The nearest law enforcement to the town was over 100 miles away, so there were no rules for anything. Brothels, saloons and gambling establishments never closed their doors. Along the main street, which was named ‘Hell Street’, stood no less than fourteen saloons, six brothels and ten gambling houses. By the time it was decided that the army should take over law enforcement by the canyon, the town was deserted due to the completion of the bridge. Though it was short lived, there were no doubted some great stories in this town, and the remains of it still hold a little of the danger and excitement of the Wild West.