9 Hidden Locations in Tennessee


Every state has their famous destinations as well as tourist traps. This is especially true for states like Tennessee, which has a deep history and rich culture. With Nashville and Memphis being on the radar of most tourists, many wonderful, interesting and quirky places are often overlooked by the mainstream. To locals in these areas, they are hidden gems. More than likely the locals would like to keep it that way, preserving their peace and not being overrun by travelers. Here are a few of those lost gems everyone passing through Tennessee should visit.

1) The Boils – Gainesboro

A short distance from Cummins Falls State Park, an adventurous traveler can find a neat little natural phenomenon called the Boils. The Boils is the end point from where the Roaring River goes underground, for about three miles, and re-emerges with a spectacular display. The thunderous noise made when the Roaring River goes underground sounds like a jet engine, which is how the river got its name. When the river comes back to the surface, it erupts in this roiling spout of water that looks like a pot of water boiling over. Hence its name, the Boils. Right next to the boils, where Blackburn’s Fork River and Roaring River meet, is a great place to swim or fish. The county maintains a stable gravel bar that can be driven on, without a four-wheel drive. When the weather is nice, friendly locals flock here to relax and have a good time. Cookouts are common here, either with a grill or just roasting hotdogs over a campfire.