9 Hidden Locations in Massachusetts

paper house
Massachusetts is full of well known sights to see, but it’s always good to get away from the crowds and discover something unique. These attractions are all off the beaten track and highly interesting, in locations which are not often included in a trip. Here’s why you should include something a bit different in your next trip to MA.

1) Paper house

Located in Rockport, this house is quite literally made from paper. An engineer named Elis F. Stenman, who designed a machine which makes paperclips, began the house as a hobby. As he went on, he decided that the paper was good insulation. Once built, the house was furnished with newspaper fittings as well. It has been kept in all its glory and opened as a museum in the 1930’s. These days you can explore the house for yourself and read about its creator for the low price of just $1.50. It has, of course, been revarnished a few times, and a porch has been added, but other than these minor changes it remains standing as it was built in 1922. Even the piano is covered with newspaper! This house is not a well known attraction, but it is an interesting one and definitely needs to be seen to be believed.