9 Best Ski Destinations in the United States

jackson holeIt takes more than just snow and a mountain to make a really great ski town. Sure, you need a good layer of the powdery white stuff to get you going and it helps if the terrain is expansive and varied, with the right amount of death-defying vertical drops for seasoned skiers but what is it in particular that turns a regular ski destination from just another vacation spot into your favorite place in the world? Whatever it is – a sense of history, living culture, breathtaking views or after ski indulgence – these American ski destinations have got it in spades. From the greatest lake in the Sierra Nevada to the almighty peaks of Colorado to the sacred slopes of Utah, read on for our rundown of the 9 best ski destinations in the United States.

1) Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Many people consider Jackson Hole in Wyoming to be the absolute best place to ski in the whole of North America. Increasingly popular with skiers from all over the world, Jackson Hole is a relatively small destination compared with the likes of Breckenridge or Vail but what Jackson Hole lacks in size it makes up for in natural beauty and charm. With Grand Teton National Park to its north and miles of forest stretching out at every other point of the compass, Jackson Hole’s views are second to none and when it comes to the stats Jackson Hole does not disappoint. Jackson Hole is home to one of the steepest vertical drops in North America at 1,262 metres, has 116 runs and over 2,500 acres of skiable terrain, 3,000 acres if you include the pro-skiable backcountry.