15 Perfect Weekend Getaways in California

kings canyon national park California is the Golden State, known for its beautiful natural parks, exceptional coastline and beaches, and some of the most expensive shopping areas in the world. It’s a big state, too, which means that there are a lot of great travel destinations from which to choose.

If you’ve only got a weekend, it might seem too daunting a prospect to find somewhere that’s great fun, with all the choices that are available. To help in your quest to find somewhere for your weekend vacation, here’s a list of 15 great getaways. All you need to do is decide where you want to go, and pack your bag.

1) Kings Canyon National Park

Only 90 minutes away from Fresno, this national park has the biggest and oldest trees in the world. Probably the most impressive of the flora are the giant Sequoias in Grant’s Grove. These massive trees don’t grow anywhere else on the planet; and you’ll be speechless when you stand next a 3000 year old Sequoia that is so large your car could fit into it comfortably. You might think you need to be a very outdoorsy type to enjoy this spot for a weekend break; but you’d be wrong. The majestic canyon offers you the best place to relax and read a book; or just sit and contemplate the world as you dangle your feet in the ice cold water of the Kings River. Try one of the lodges near Road’s End, and you’ll have one of the best weekend getaways of your life.