11 Ways To Get Bumped By An Airline For Huge Profit

Frequent fliers may already be privy to this profitable insider information on how to get free travel. If not, listen up, because this is valuable insight; especially if you’ve got a love for travel. Getting bumped off your flight means the airline overbooked the seats. Most airlines actually try to do this with the anticipation that a few passengers won’t show up. In the situation where everyone does arrive, airlines will need to free up some seats and they will pay passengers handsomely to give them up. Reportedly, Delta Airline’s policy allows for up to $9,950 in compensation! Gate agents will announce they’re looking for volunteers to give up their seats and be placed on another flight. That’s your cue – here’s how to be ready to reap the benefits and potentially score free flights for your next vacation!

1) Do Some Recon Before You Book

As you click through the online booking process, you will come to the seat plan screen and have the option to choose your seat. It’s good to gloss over this page for a few reasons. One, some airlines charge extra for pre-flight seat selection when it’s just as easy to be assigned at check-in. Two, if there is no extra fee you can scan for an aisle seat nearest to the front of the plane, not paying much attention to anything else. Now, realize this is a golden opportunity to sneak a peek at the popularity of the flight. If the seat plan has only a few available seats left, it’s a good indication that the flight will be full. This increases your chances of getting bumped. Before you book, check the seat plans of several flights, and select the busiest one.