11 Discounts Hotels/Airlines Want To Keep Secret

8) Go Against the Grain

You may have to fight your holiday-planning instincts on this one, but it’ll save you money in the long run. When booking accommodations, consider the timing. Weekday travel is more common for business men and women than families, couples, or groups of friends. This means that business hotels will be busy during the week, meaning they raise their prices to optimize their profits. This is time you should check out family-style accommodations, like resorts. They’ll be desperate to fill their rooms during the dry-spell when the majority of their clientele is not traveling. Traveling during the weekend? The opposite now applies. Avoid the resorts and check out the business hotels. They will be dropping their prices to attract guests during their dry spell. Tip: Business hotels also offer good deals in the summer time when less business people are traveling for work related reasons.