11 Discounts Hotels/Airlines Want To Keep Secret

2) The Priceline Auction

Also known as Name Your Own Price, this is Priceline’s trademark in which they declare customers can save 60% by offering up a bid. Start by picking the city you want to stay in, then narrow it down by neighborhood. Priceline provides a map of all the sectioned-off districts. Select the number of stars you want the hotel to have and then place a bid. If you underbid by an extreme amount, Priceline will let you know that your bid has little chance of being accepted. That’s it! Wait and see if your bid is accepted. If it is, you’ll secure a room at that price. Priceline also guarantees the hotel they pick will have a guest score of 8 or higher. The same bidding-style booking also applies to flights. Priceline states you can get as much as 40% off flights by naming your own price.