11 Discounts Hotels/Airlines Want To Keep Secret

11) Clip coupons

Okay, not actual coupon clipping from a newspaper. We’re talking about the 21st century’s version. Online coupon “clipping” is much easier than cutting ads from the paper, and the selection is much better. Sites like have discounts for just about everything – including travel. In their travel section, you’ll find codes for discounts off hotel rooms, flight tickets, rental cars, bus tickets, city tours, and more. When you click the ad you’re interested in, sometimes a code will appear for you to type in at the time of purchase on the specified website. Or sometimes there won’t be a code – just a really good deal. You’ll then be directed to that website to access all their deals., for example, advertises car rentals starting from $6.95/day, 80% off flights, and daily deals, all on