11 Cheap Places Where You Can Vacation a Billionaire


9) Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is a fascinating city between its natural attractions and its many museums and libraries. Hotel prices are not burdensome if you find the right place to stay. For instance, if you stay at the Bogota Plaza Summit Hotel, you may only end up paying between $60 and $70 per night. There are many museums to explore for under $30. The Biblioteca Virgilio is an attractive library, with nice architecture, a vast collection of old books, and a café inside which overlooks the mountains. Another way to spend an afternoon in the city without spending money is going to the Parque Central Simon Bolivar, which has plenty of open space and places to walk around. In terms of dining, the Zona G Bogota offers many different restaurant options ranging in both type of food and price, so you can find a place which best meets your needs.