11 Cheap Places Where You Can Vacation a Billionaire


6) Ella, Sri Lanka

Ella is a great place to visit if you love spending time walking through natural beauty and don’t want to spend too much money. There are many reasonable places to stay, including the Ella Mount View Guest Inn, which has great food and wonderful mountain views, where you can book a room for under $40 per night. There are a number of hikes available among the mountains, and you can avoid the cost of a guide if you read up on the trails beforehand. There are also waterfalls you can visit. Aside from natural beauty, there is the Ella Spice Garden, where you can buy cheap spices and take a class in Sri Lankan cooking. There is also an antique and brass ware shop you can check out to learn a bit about Sri Lankan culture. If you do not want to limit your trip in Sri Lanka to only Ella, there are also vacation packages which take you to multiple cities, including Beyond Escape’s 7 Night Wildlife and Adventure Tour, which includes private tours, for only $850 per person.