11 Cheap Places Where You Can Vacation a Billionaire


2) Dominica

Dominica is a great place to go for people in want of a Caribbean vacation, whether active or busier. You can get extremely reasonable lodging prices at hotels such as Hibiscus Valley Inn, where you can pay anywhere from $39-135 per night depending on what type of room you prefer. Also available are packages for extended stays which include meals and attraction site passes. If you’d rather pick your own attractions, there are plenty to choose from, such as nature trails, waterfalls, and snorkeling. Among the most famous sites are the Trafalgar Falls, which are visually impressive and have hiking trails accessible to people of different skill levels, and the Boiling Lake, which is a 200-foot wide opening in the Earth’s crust which releases steam and gas. Though these do have independent costs when not booked as part of a package, many of these activities are less than $100, and therefore will not break the bank.