9 Gadgets You Must Have While Traveling

shutterstock_393511432_730x350Packing light and traveling with all your favorite gadgets has become a lot easier lately. With the ever increasing tech-forward items on the market, you can now have the comfort of your preferred devices while on the road. Whether you need to plug in abroad, take tons of videos and photos without worrying about storage, waterproof your phone and other devices or speak to someone in their native language, it’s as simple as picking up a few items for your journey.

1) Universal Power Adapter Kit

Most of the carefully selected gadgets you take while traveling are useless without a decent adapter. Once the battery runs out on your tablet/phone/kindle/laptop, you might realize too late that your device is not compatible with the power outlets in whichever country you’re exploring. When all-in-one universal adapters first began appearing on the market they were often poorly-made or badly-designed, meaning they didn’t quite fit with some country’s wall outlets. Not anymore, though. A new generation of universal power adapters are now available that are light, portable and, most importantly, compatible with a huge array of devices. Some of these kits even include retractable cables for neatness and a carrying case for ease of transportation.