11 Cheap Places Where You Can Vacation a Billionaire


4) Quito, Ecuador

Quito, which is Ecuador’s capital, sits in the Andes Mountains on the ruins of an ancient Incan city. It is an extremely well-preserved center of the culture the Spaniards brought to the Americas during colonization. The Plaza Mayor, or main square, is very similar to how it was when first established hundreds of years ago. Some of the best value hotels, such as the Hotel Casa de Hacienda La Jimenita, can offer you a very nice room for less than $120 per night. In terms of activities and places to see, there are fun museums, beautiful churches, and natural parks with walking trails. For people who enjoy active adventures, there are packages available for under $100 per person with zip lines, extreme swings, and rope courses which also include free hotel pick up and drop off. If you want to take a day trip outside the city itself, there are many places ripe with natural beauty, such as the rainforests and the mountains.