11 Best US Travel Destinations for Seniors

7) Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe should be on everyone’s vacation bucket list for the scenery alone. In summer the days are hot and sunny and the opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors are plentiful. You can kayak, hike, golf, jet ski or, for those who want to take it a little easier, just walk to the lake front and take a picnic. In the winter months, Lake Tahoe comes alive with visitors from all over the US and beyond eager for a taste of the area’s world-class skiing. Homewood Mountain Resort is very popular amongst older skiers as its classes and excursions cater to all sorts of fitness levels. Ice Skating is a must-do activity, particularly if you’re taking your grandkids along for this trip. By staying at a resort you’re guaranteed a comfortable place to relax after a challenging day in the great outdoors and you can even take a ferry boat from Lake Tahoe to Nevada for a night of gambling.