11 Best US Travel Destinations for Seniors

3) Alaskan Cruise

You haven’t lived until you’ve taken an Alaskan cruise. The largest U.S. state but also the most sparsely populated, Alaska offers an experience that cannot be replicated by anywhere else in the world. Alaska’s dramatic terrain is best and most safely negotiated by cruise ship. There are many, many companies offering cruise ship tours of Alaska so it’s easy to find one to fit into your budget and schedule. For seniors a cruise is a great way to see Alaska in comfort and style without feeling like you’re missing out. For the adventurous there are opportunities to go skiing, mountain biking, ice-fishing and kayaking. Trips to pretty little Alaskan towns are also on most cruise ship itineraries but for the most part visitors just love the feeling of being surrounded by wide-open space, walking through Alaskan forests and, if they’re lucky, spotting some of the abundant Alaskan wildlife.