11 Best US Travel Destinations for Seniors

2) Big Sur Road Trip

You’re never too old for a road trip and, actually, taking your own car and exploring a patch of the U.S. you’ve never seen before can be an extremely rewarding and pocket-friendly way of spending your vacation. The stretch of Californian coastline between San Simeon and Carmel was once so rugged and badly-maintained that few vacationers dared tackle it but now the Big Sur as it is known is one of the most adored segments of California’s highway 1. It only takes a few hours to speed along the roughly 85 miles of the Big Sur but it is the surrounding regions, off the main road, that offer the most magical experience. There are some beautiful coastal inns and hotels all along the stretch to choose your overnight spot wisely. When you’re done with the Big Sur continue on north to San Francisco or south through Carmel and keep going until you reach San Diego!