11 Best US Travel Destinations for Seniors

6) Green Valley, Arizona

Green Valley is located close to the Mexican border in the far south of the state of Arizona. For more active retirees Green Valley is a kind of Xanadu. Golfing is one of the main activities in Green Valley and even off the course many people choose to use their golf carts to get from A to B. Green Valley is close to the Santa Rita Mountain range which is known for its great cycling and hiking opportunities as well as its vibrant birdlife, perfect for bird-watchers. The desert scenery is gorgeous all year round and as Green Valley was designed as a retirement village, everything you might need is within easy reach. Native American History infuses the ground beneath your feet in Green Valley and there’s an abundance of Native American crafts in the town for you to admire or purchase. The Wyndham Resort is the most desirable place to stay.