11 Beach Cities To Vacation Cheaply


4. Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola is a kitschy beach town in Florida well known for its white sand, themed bars and clubs, gulf inspired cuisine, and the family friendly Boardwalk. While hotels in Pensacola are plentiful, many visitors take advantage of private vacation rentals. A condo or private beach house can easily be found for a range of $90 to $200 USD per night. Many of these rentals have full private docks leading to the ocean as well as large decks for outdoor gatherings. Anyone traveling to Pensacola can enjoy unique aquatic opportunities such as scuba diving. Common marine life sightings include lobsters, sea turtles, starfish, angelfish, manta rays, dolphins, octopus, and more. The fishing in Pensacola is also very bountiful with catches including red snapper, mahi mahi, and tuna.