10 Most Beautiful Places In California

ca_alamere_falls_730x350Have you ever seen a purple beach? How about a tree that’s big enough to drive through? California offers these stunning sights and more. You’ll certainly want to bring your camera along and may even find yourself taking “selfies” among some of these magnificent places. Visitors will find cliff-lined beaches, sandy deserts, snow-capped mountains and abundant vistas within its nearly 164,000 square miles. Referred to as “The Golden State,” it’s the place to make unforgettable memories while seeing some of the most beautiful views in America. California is simply full of wonders that are too beautiful to pass up.

1) Alamere Falls

There are plenty of waterfalls across America. What makes this one so great? Known as a rare “tidefall,” Alamere Falls is situated on the face of a 40-foot tall cliff and flows directly into the Pacific Ocean. Located on the south side of Wildcat Beach, it’s accessible by following a coastal trail known as Palomarin Trailhead. The trek itself offers 8 miles of vibrant wildflowers and stunning ocean views. Lucky visitors may even be treated to sightings of gray whales that frequent the area. The surrounding landscape of this striking waterfall stays crowded for good reason – it’s an unforgettable sight not seen anywhere else. After a period of heavy rain is the best time to see the tidefall in all its glory. Spring and Autumn months are the best time for enjoying whale watching because that’s when they migrate.