11 Beach Cities To Vacation Cheaply


2. South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island is located on the Gulf Coast and is part of Cameron County in Texas. It is a popular travel destination for college students, especially during spring break, and it is well known for its resort aesthetic and unique marine activities. Visitors of South Padre Island can enjoy dolphin watching, boating, swimming, and more while appreciating the active nightlife across the shore. South Padre Island is considered to be one of the top three cheapest spring break destinations on record, and budget travelers can particularly enjoy the array of parks and natural preserves such as Isla Blanca Park and the Laguna Madre Nature Trail. The island’s walkability makes it much more affordable as the need for transportation isn’t as necessary as some destinations. Many local resorts offer all-inclusive packages, but an average price for a night in a four star hotel is approximately $128 USD.