The 10 Most Beautiful Places in Canada

OttawaCanada is known for its alluring wilderness, charming cities and natural wonders. This country’s beauty is world renowned for being quite extraordinary. Just about anywhere you visit will leave you with a refreshing outlook on life and a renewed love of nature. The sheer size of Canada is awe inspiring unto itself. Its diverse culture, wide landscape and popular landmark sights make Canada a top destination on many tourism lists. Whether you’re a ski enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer or just want to take in the cultural amenities, there are many choices of amazing places to see. We’ve narrowed it down to the 10 most beautiful.

1) Ottawa

The city of Ottawa looks like an elaborate painting blended with a modern metropolitan city. Nestled at the meeting of three major rivers – the Ottawa River, the Gatineau River, and the Rideau River – Canada’s capital city has 19th century architecture and outdoor vistas made to charm any visitor. The most popular site in Ottawa is the Rideau Canal, which cuts through the heart of the city. Many residents and tourists can be seen having picnics or relaxing on an afternoon break near the canal. In the winter, when this massive body of streaming water is completely frozen over, the canal transforms into the world’s largest ice skating rink. This alone is a sight enough to make the trip.