10 Best Value Places To Vacation In The World

Valletta MaltaIf the world is truly your ‘oyster,’ then that should be reason enough to go explore it Everyone yearn for something new, different and exciting, yet they rarely know where to begin. Why not start with travel, which opens up a trove of endless possibilities. If you’re not a seasoned world traveler but would like to be, we suggest you simply follow our lead. We’ve highlighted the 10 Best Value Places to Vacation in the World. Pay close attention to the description of each destination to determine which one appeals to you the most. Now go out and practice your wanderlust and seek your pearl.

1) Valletta, Malta

Valletta is the capital of Malta, a mystical destination with elaborate cathedrals, dungeons, baroque palaces, gardens, and enormous monuments. Its architectural influence dates back to the 16th Century, making for wonderful scenery. While there is a neo-classical feel to Valletta, you can see modernism making its way into the city. Surrounded by the sea, visitors can see lovely harbor views from a number of vantage points. A favorite for spot for taking in amazing sunsets is the residential area of St. Barbara Bastion, with its 100 year-old olive trees lining the streets. Valletta is a city with a legendary history; you may hear of real-life knights who fought with bows and arrows, cannons and swords. Take the time to pop into one of its museums and learn about the history of Malta. Valletta makes visitors feel as though they’ve stepped into a fairytale.