11 Most Romantic Getaways in Canada

Cape Breton

5) Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

A world away from the non-stop, cosmopolitan cities of Vancouver and Toronto, Cape Breton is an island escape like no other. Things move slowly in Cape Breton, very slowly, and you might find yourself relaxing into the slow-paced, secluded way of life here more easily than you’d think.

All it takes is a few strides on a pair of snowshoes and you’ll enter picturesque pockets of the world with no cell phone reception, leaving you and your lover utterly alone. The accommodation on Cape Breton is truly diverse, with luxurious resorts and cozy B&Bs a-plenty. With more fiddle-players per capita than anywhere else in the world, music is always in the air on Cape Breton, ideal for a soul-warming drink and aplate ofexcellent seafood are always on the table.