9 Ways To Travel Cheap or Even Free!

crew on a ship

8) Crew on a Yacht/Luxury Liner

Here’s another great way of travelling cheaply, and working as you go. You might think some experience is pretty essential, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, there are now websites that promise to place you as a crew member, regardless of your experience, and welcome membership from amateurs as well as skilled sailors. There are certain aspects to being at sea that you’ll need to consider, of course. For one, the space is going to be limited, so if you feel crowded in confined places, this is probably not the best option for you. Also, your hours are likely to be long, and somewhat determined by the conditions of the seas, and the demands of the passengers. You’ll have to commit some time to the journey as well, although there are short and longer-term voyages available.