9 Hidden Locations in Pennsylvania


9) Fallingwater

Built in 1935 by Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater is one of the most popular, private residences in the world. It was designed to look as though it were a part of the waterfall of Bear Run in Stewart Township, Pennsylvania. The waters seem to fall over the house, giving it the illusion of actually being a part of the waterfall. It looks like it is suspended in air. This lavishly designed home cost a mere $155,000. Time magazine felt as though Fallingwater was Lloyd Wright’s most beautiful work and Smithsonian’s Life List names it among the 28 places to “visit before you die.” Students travel from far away to see this masterpiece. There are a variety of student workshops offered at Fallingwater that help students to both write and illustrate vividly. Today, the house is considered a National Historic Landmark.